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Landscape Design Service

Want the 'landscape of your dreams' but not sure how to start?

Our Landscape Design Service brings a design professional to your home to assess your landscape & help you envision the possibililties.

Beautiful Spring Garden Design.jpg
The Design Process: 
  • Initial Consultation: on-site visit to determine requirements and objectives

  • Design Plan: based on consultation, a plan will be drawn

  • Plant Suggestions:  plan will include detailed plant selections.

  • Design Review: designer will review plan with you

  • Plant Selection: designer will offer options for plant selection

  • Delivery and Installation: a menu of delivery and installation services is available: Planting & Delivery options


Landscape Designer fees are $100 per hour.

Scheduling Your Session:

Contact Timberwinds' Landscape Design Service:

  Phone:  636-227-0095 or e-mail:

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