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Garden Coach

Our Garden Coaches are nursery professionals who will come to your home to help assess your garden challenges and suggest solutions. 

Our Garden Coaches have worked with plants in West County for years and know how to help you create and maintain a beautiful and successful garden.

Whether you are a beginning gardener who doesn't know where to start, or an experienced gardening enthusiast seeking a fresh perspective for a yard makeover, our Garden Coaches can help.


Garden Coach fees are $100 per hour.

Areas of Focus During Your Session:
  • Identification and care recommendations for existing plants

  • Pest and disease identification with treatment suggestions

  • Techniques for maintenance and pruning

  • Recommendations for new plantings—including those that are
    water-wise and/or attract our flying friends (Bees, Butterflies and Birds)

  • Ideas for garden possibilities

Scheduling Your Session:

Contact Timberwinds' Garden Coach services:

  By telephone:  636-227-0095 or e-mail to:

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