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Our Partners 

We value our partnerships.  Timberwinds Nursery is proud to work with high-quality companies and organizations, as well as to promote and support local vendors and artists wherever possible.  
Below is a sampling of some of our outstanding partners...
Henri Studio

Over the past 50 years, Henri Studio has

become synonymous with excellence

in cast stone fountains, statuary and

garden decor. Acclaimed worldwide,

Henri sets the benchmark for innovative

concepts and premium products in a

category which it virtually created.

The artisan's touch shapes every Henri

creation. Each piece is poured by hand

in the tradition of meticulous Old World

craftsmanship, complemented by our

rich, trend-setting finishes. Their

fountains are expertly engineered and

all Henri products are skillfully made in


Creativity and quality is their passion. And with Henri fountains and garden decor, beauty and elegance are yours to enjoy now, and for years to come.


There are reasons why Massarelli's

continues to flourish, even in an ever-

changing global market. An extensive

selection is one. But more than

quantity, it's American-made quality

that counts! That's what the Massarelli's

Touch is all about. It's about a skilled

team of fine artists, sculptures and

mold-makers. It's about a well trained

manufacturing staff. It's about using

only the finest materials and state-of-

the-art equipment. The

bottom line - it's about not

only meeting, but

exceeding customer



As their logo states, they have been a Horticultural Craftsmen since 1926. Monrovia grows the healthiest, highest quality plants for you to create outdoor spaces that will thrive for years to come. Their plants are nurtured with attention to every detail, to ensure vibrancy and lasting beauty. And whether you're an experienced green thumb or an admirer of nature who is digging in for the first time, they are there with guidance and inspiration to help you achieve success.

Ritter Greenhouse

As a local wholesale grower, Ritter Greenhouse is committed to supplying premium quality plants

with great roots! Ritter Greenhouse

offers the best personalized service to the Greater St. Louis Area. Since their plants are grown locally and delivered fresh from their greenhouses, they are healthy when delivered and thrive in our local climate.

Their offerings include: an extensive

line of edibles, annuals, perennials,

succulents, Nature's Source plant food, on site delivery, and a friendly staff.

Semco Stone 

As the largest distributor of natural stone products in the

Midwest, Semco Stone earned their reputation through

consistent products, advancements in technology, quality

and service that exceed industry standards, and laying a solid

groundwork for your success. Semco Stone operates with the

latest advancements in technology to ensure lasting satisfaction and something customers can enjoy for years to come. 

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