Stop by Timberwinds Nursery today, to explore our selection of shrubs, Japanese maples and unique conifers, including:
  • Shrubs: azalea,barberry, beautyberry,  boxwood, crape myrtle, red twig dogwood, flowering quince, forsythia, holly,  hydrangea, inkberry, itea, lilac, ninebark, peony, rhododendron, rose of Sharon, smoketree, spirea, wiegela and more...

  • Unique Conifers:   Hinoki falsecypress,  juniper, Japanese white pine, Japanese black pine,jack pine, oriental spruce, Thuja ‘Green Giant’, Yew and more...

  • Japanese Maples:  Ash's Scarlet Princess, Bihou, Murasaki Kiyohime, Rezek, Viridis, and more...

Available while supplies last...


Unique Conifers

Japanese Maples

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